Thursday, May 23, 2019

Enthusiast vs. Collector

WARNING: This is not to offend, but to show the differences in a fandom. If you're easily offended, then you're not going to like this one. I have a lot of humor, but I'm not going to pull back my punches at what I see as truth. Laughing at yourself is the best medicine in life. Without humor, it's a really sad life. If you take this too seriously, then let it be known-- you're NOT my target audience. I write to get to the matter of the issue. There will be times that I will try for satire. Lastly, I'm opinionated. Take it or leave it. Thank you for visiting!

Enthusiast: I've been collecting Hello Kitty for over 35 years. Hello Kitty power! 
Collector: I've only started collecting 5 years ago. Here's a picture of my collection.

Enthusiast: Heads up! There's HELLO KITTY at Torrid!!
Collector: Yup, it's been there since last year.

Enthusiast: where did you get that?
Collector: about a few months ago, there was a Sanrio collection. They're all sold out.

Enthusiast: OMG! I bought this for cheap at a yard sale!
Collector: Lucky!! I had to pay full retail price for mine.

Enthusiast: I'm traveling soon. Where are the good spots in Japan for Hello Kitty?
Collector: < lists famous places and stores > (well detailed in research via web)

Enthusiast: I can't find Kitty in where I live! I refuse to pay for international shipping and seller fees!!!
Collector: I have a wide variety of collectibles in my collection because I was willing to go far for my obsession.

Enthusiast: I only like this one out of all the series.
Collector: I have to buy all to complete my sets! I have to have them!!

Enthusiast: can anyone help me buy this physically at the store? I'll pay for the item and shipping to my house.
Collector: I get my items through a personal international shopper

Enthusiast: I'm a minimalist. I don't understand why you need a collection to put in a case to just sit there. I only buy what I use.
Collector: I'm a Collector. I love my lifestyle and there are other Collectors who gets me.

Enthusiast: I don't have much Sanrio, but I have some Hello Kitty purses.
Collector: my main collection are plushes. Hundreds of them.

Enthusiast: I'm selling this figurine. Sorry, it doesn't come with the original box.
Collector: I keep everything and I do mean literally, EVERYTHING -- including the original packaging and tags!!

Enthusiast: my collection so far consists of only gifts from friends and family.
Collector: I buy stuff with my own money.

Enthusiast: a lot of my stuff are from generous penpals
Collector: I overpaid for my collection from e-bay

Enthusiast: I'm moving. It's going to be smooth and fast.
Collector: I have to prepare and get millions of boxes when I move!! It's going to take me weeks to pack. HELP!!

Enthusiast: All I want is a picture with Hello Kitty!
Collector: [With a straight face] I plan in detail of a FULL photo-op session with Kitty and friends, including live streaming.

Enthusiast: Take cover and run! There's an earthquake coming!
Collector: NOOO!!! My Sanrio Collection! I need to save it. I'm going in!!!

Enthusiast: I love only Hello Kitty.
Collector: I love SANRIO.

Enthusiast: Hello...
Collector: ... Kitty.

Enthusiast: I have some POCCHOCO stuff from my childhood days
Collector: I have tons of P-O-C-H-A-C-C-O stuff, too! We're twinsies!!

Enthusiast: [Singing] There's Mickey and Hello Kitty sitting in a tree and K-I-S --- 
Collector: NO! You just did not go there!! Dear Daniel is her boyfriend & future hubby!!!

Enthusiast: space is limited, so I only collect the small stuff like cheap stationery.
Collector: limited space is not a concern for me! Wanna visit my storage? I rotate my stuff out yearly.

Enthusiast: You do know these are cartoon characters?
Collector: I won't believe your lies! They're real. Here's my photo with Hello Kitty. See!

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