Sunday, May 5, 2019

Hello Kitty Cafe Mugs: BOWS

Ever since the Hello Kitty mobile truck has been traveling all over the States, we have seen several mugs come and go over the years.

For this spotlight, I wanted to highlight the bow series that has been released or recently have been released to an exclusive Cafe location.

The first one is the pink bow mug that was sold through mini cafes, trucks, and kiosks. 

The second mug released in 2018 is my favorite one out of all three. With the golden bow, this mug was more shiny and had a more pleasing design that appealed to my aesthetics. It is the only Cafe mug that I currently own. It may change later down the road if the Las Vegas Cafe location has an exclusive mug that I would want to own. For some, it's about completing sets. For me, I'm all about the design. 

Cr: HK Cafe

The silver bow Cafe mug is only exclusive to the San Jose location in California. It has the same design as the golden bow mug, but with just a different color option. Just remember to get one as soon as you can if you want to purchase one. It is a regular mini Cafe that has no tea or bar service provided. It is not a guarantee that it will stay open longer than 2 years or so. The kiosk at Arcadia and the mini Cafes in Fashion Valley (San Diego) and Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga are gone after one year. Again, with no profits -- it's going to close down. 

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