Friday, May 10, 2019

That Pink Hello Kitty Chair

Yes, you heard me right! There's a P-I-N-K office chair by Lean Back out being sold in the Korean market. Not everyone likes a pink chair, but I'm not exactly normal or predictable.

I love pink, but I get rather picky with the details. If it goes hot pink, I'm like definitely not. A hint of hot pink with light pink as the main color -- you got my interest, so let's see the rest. You get my drift. 

Now, back to the topic of the PINK Hello Kitty chair. I was going to purchase one today, but my plans got ruined. On the Korean page to buy the chair, it reads that it won't ship to the United States and to please select another country. 

My jaw dropped! I was crushed!

No... seriously. Not cool to do that to me. I had waited a week and a half to purchase this pinkalicious Hello Kitty chair to find that it is not possible. It says to USA: Unpredictable. In red font colors. RED.

I'm like why can't they ship this office chair when I was able to get Fed-Ex to ship my oversized Hello Kitty sofa?? And, that cost me an arm and leg.

After thinking about this for awhile and spending my chair money on another Hello Kitty substitute purchase, I think this is a sign.

Yes. It is a sign. (please go with me here... this is me rationalizing here)

Maybe someone up there is telling me that I don't need this particular PINK Hello Kitty chair. It's cute, but I can wait for a better Hello Kitty office chair that can be a character shaped chair. Yes, that's right. I should wait for another PINK chair to come along to tempt me. 


<Clicking the link again to see the words, UNPREDICTABLE in bright red colors>

You don't suppose it will change to yes in another few weeks for United States? No?

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