Thursday, September 23, 2010

Avoid Working In a Sanrio Store

When I first began to collect with a more serious passion, I had not considered working in a Sanrio store as my dream job. Though as time progressed, I began to think about it more seriously. When you spend so much time in an online Hello Kitty community, you believe the best place to earn a living is by working for the company that makes your beloved Sanrio products. Well, I'm here to shatter those dreams. Yes, I know, I can be a downer at times, but this is what I live for-- to bring you back to reality and to enable your sanrio addiction. Without me to point out examples to consider, you might just end up eliminating your addiction all by yourself. By the time you finish this blog post and if you agree, you can thank me by leaving a comment below.  ;)

Myth: I adore Sanrio. So, it should be fun to work there

Sorry, addicts, but that is the # 1 place you should avoid if you want to continue on with your obsession with Hello Kitty. Think about it hard, surrounded by Sanrio products 24/7 with no break from staring at Hello Kitty's face for hours and hours

Now, imagine your daily non-Sanrio work day: you come home after spending hours of doing labor work to be greeted by the sight of your adorable Sanrio plushie. Next, you give a big fat sigh of relief because you are finally home. The image of your plushie reminds you that you are in your safe haven from the dangerous world of Sanrio haters. Now, the fun with your sanrio collection can begin. 

What you don't realize is that in a Sanrio-fested working environment, you would have annihilated your reason to look forward to coming home and having fun staring at your collection. No matter how much you think a place is enjoyable, problems will arise and effect your outlook in your love towards Sanrio merchandise.

You do know the lesson to be learned here, right? Being surrounded by something you love (24/7) will eventually turn to hate. Reasons to consider are below:

  • You will get sick and tired of moving Sanrio products from one place to another
  • You will be sick of customers complaining about the products being so expensive
  • You will be sick of the silence when there are no customers, which will lead to outright boredom
  • You will be sick and tired of dealing with irrational and rude customers as well as their nonstop crying spoiled children
  • You will be sick and tired of trying to find ways to entice customers to come into the store
  • You will be sick and tired of planning out ways to bring in more sales
  • You will be sick of quoting the rules on returned merchandise
  • You will be sick of Sanrio fans asking what's it like to work in a Sanrio store
  • You will be sick of working for a nagging boss, when it should be the opposite of you nagging Sanrio 

Considering all above, have I succeeded in crushing your dream job at a Sanrio store? If the answer is yes or a possibility, you can take out your frustration in the comment section below.

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