Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HOT ALERT: Golden Memories

RED ALERT!!! New Retro Items coming your way...

Special thanks to Winnie for this fabulous news coming your way with close up pictures of the special items coming soon.

Sanrio is bringing you, longtime addicts, what you want: vintage pieces from the past. That's right. Your dreams have come true! All the things that you want that you couldn't have before becomes a reality soon. Remember the hours spent over the e-bay auction searches to bid on rare vintage pieces that you were just dying to add to your collection? Well, for certain pieces, you can get it for BRAND new and for those who already have 'em all used, can throw them out and replace it with these new retro pieces. You can definitely cross off a lot of things off your vintage wishlist.

I, especially, cannot wait to get my grubby, greedy hands on those retro pieces! I know I'm going to be broke for the rest of this year because Sanrio is focusing on four characters for the Golden Memories. Coming to you are these very cute characters: Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, and Patty & Jimmy.

For Hello Kitty
*What I am Going to Buy* 

Tripping out here! I want!

*Red Hot Items You Might Like* 

You can view all HK items here

For Little Twin Stars
*What I am Going to Buy*

Amazing stuff, huh? You can view others here

For My Melody
*What I am Going to Buy*

Dying here now. Really, really want these now!

*Red Hot Items You Might Like*

You can view all items here

For Patty & Jimmy
*Hot Items that You Might Like*

 You can view all items here

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