Monday, September 20, 2010

Checklist on Buying Sanrio Products

With so many many Hello Kitty goodies out there, our wishlist keeps growing and growing. It never seems to end, unless if you're rich and can afford anything. Though most of us are on a budget and can't get everything that we want, so here's a checklist to consider before choosing from your wishlist.

1.     Why do you want it?

If you're on a budget, you cannot choose to buy something that you will come to regret. Like many of you, I have bought things impulsively without any thought to it. All the items on your wishlist should be items that you would never give up later on in life. Meaning, you're buying something that you would cherish for eternity.

2.     Can you afford it?

There are things that are just plain expensive and sometimes, way out of your budget. Now for me, if the item is really worth it, I will find alternative routes by working with the seller. But, you also have to consider if the seller is a good choice to work with. It all comes with a risk when choosing that route. Sometimes, looking at the feedbacks are helpful, but not always. They can always have high positive feedbacks, but there's always a chance that they can break the deal and sell it to a higher bidder.

3.     Is the item in high demand?

Sometimes, it is hard to tell if your desired product will sell out quickly, but you will have to keep these things in mind when prioritizing which to buy first:
A.)  Check with the retailer if there is a low or high amount of supply. With limited editions and with a high consumer demand, it's more likely this item will be sold out quickly.
B.)  Is it rare vintage? For new products, is it the type of product that will be popular? An example of a popular item would be chest drawers and maybe rarely made pencil cases, depending on it's design.

Last Tip:
Remember whatever you choose to buy, it has to be something you want and not because it will have a high value if it becomes rare over the decade. And, I have to emphasis this, because I have seen collectors think certain items are collectible and worth a lot of money, when in fact it has no market value. If there is no high consumer demand for a certain product, then it's worthless. I'm sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but it's a fact. If you ask yourself why you're not getting offers when you put something up for sale, it is because the item is not in high demand with the collectors. One thing that will turn me off as a potential buyer is if a seller claims the item is vintage or collectible. One important thing to note to sanrio sellers: you can claim something is vintage prior to 1999 (when we all know the real definition of vintage means 20 yrs. ago and not 10 yrs). Anything after 2000, you'll just get laughed at. Two: if you claim it's collectible when it's really not, you've just lost a sale.

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