Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Highlights of September USA

If you haven't noticed lately, Sanrio has been stepping up to the plate on bringing us quality products. Good job, Sanrio. Keep 'em coming.

If you missed out on these (@ Three Apples) items below, here's your chance now:

HK Bowling Ball - $164 USD
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

 Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Bowling Ball $164 USD
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

Hello Kitty x GIRL Skateboard - $54.99 USD
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

Unisex Hello Kitty Shirts
*Is it a Sign?*
Shirts come in blue, black, red, and white
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

^  Good move, Sanrio, in advertising your Unisex shirts by using a male model rather than a female one. Sanrio fans don't often see male models on Sanrio's website because all the clothes are geared toward females. Is this the sign of times changing? Has Sanrio seen the dollar signs to profit, putting out more manly gear to attract the men? Well, I would have told Sanrio long ago, but Sanrio still hasn't listen to me about cleaning up their USA Sanrio stores and replace the merchandise with quality good looking stuff. I'll give Sanrio some credit, I can see some better products, but it's still kind of hard to go in.

Mechanical Pencils
Now, below is something you don't often see me recommending, but these new Sanrio pens are definitely better than the usual ones we see in the USA Sanrio stores.

 I'm shocked. Yes, I really like this design. I want two copies!
 My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

 The designers actually did it right! This is going on my wishlist
 My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥

 Yowza! Look at those color combinations!
Charmmy Kitty Mechanical Pencil
 My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥

This really makes me want to add this to my collection of pens
Miss Bear's Dream Mechanical Pencil
 My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥

Now, these pens are making me think that I need to hit up one of my local Sanrio stores soon...

Another thing that is now available for USA residents:

My Melody *Parasol* 2010 Sticker
**If you haven't taken a chance to glance at my Facebook Page yet, I have a Sanrio lot listing on eBay.

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