Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best Online Stores

Today's blog post is for those Hello Kitty newbies out there wanting to know how to get a hold of Sanrio products online. Let's face it, we're just too lazy to get our kitty bottoms out the door and drive to the nearest Sanrio store. Or in most cases, not within reach in a local area of your neighborhood.

So, to the newbie's out there, this list is for you.

Junolyn's Top 10 Online Hello Kitty Stores

 Sanrio's official online store in Japan. It sells the best kind of Hello Kitty products that sometimes you can't find in any USA stores.

2.     USA's Sanrio Online Store  
Sanrio's official online store in USA. Most times, it might not carry Japan exclusive sanrio products, but it's still the next best thing to get Hello Kitty stuff. Their advantage over Japan is that they have official Sanrio stores in major cities across the states.

3.     Dream Kitty
An independent retailer that sells Hello Kitty products. One thing to note, it only sells HK, no other Sanrio character available here. This online store is one of my favorites to go to if I want some nice Hello Kitty decor. It might be very pricey on certain items, but it's worth it.

4.     JapanLA
Another online independent retailer that I find has extremely adorable Sanrio products. Sometimes they carry exclusive products that you can't find anywhere else. If you're a Los Angeles resident, then this is one actual physical store you can visit.

5.     A Cute Shop
This is a reliable online store that you'll want to visit over and over. It even has it's store on eBay and eCrater if you are interested. Great selection of Hello Kitty products.

6.     H ***** (if you don't know ask me)
Best source for cool looking Hello Kitty clothes and random stuff. Has a lot more choices than other independent retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Torrid, and Forever21

7.     Strapya World
This is one Japan online store you might want to bookmark if you want to find good deals on Hello Kitty items.

8.     Karmaloop
If you want great looking adult style lingerie/PJ's, then this online store is the right place to visit.

9.     Janet Store
Want to find some cheap prices on Hello Kitty? This is the place for you. Mainly, the store sells small things. So, don't expect any big items.
10.    eBay
Best source for vintage items that has retired products that you can't find anywhere else. Without eBay, I would have never grown an addiction to Sanrio.

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