Thursday, September 16, 2010

Special Focus: Tuxedo Sam

Finally up is my review of selected 50th Anniversary Items

Tuxedo Sam 2010
Gallery Update

I've said before that adding another sanrio character would be way out of my budget, but do I ever listen to my own advice? Nope. If I did, you would see blog posts about items for sale, instead of reviews on Sanrio products that I have recently purchased. 

Years ago, I had no interest in Tuxedo Sam. I thought the characters like Tuxedo Sam, Keroppi, Pochacco, Pippo, Pekkle, and Spottie Dottie would always be around. In my opinion, these characters represented the core of Sanrio, with Hello Kitty as the center of focus. Once they took away these characters listed above and replaced them with new characters, I felt that is when everything started to crumble. I feel like Sanrio went through too many changes. One of them is introducing new characters and then ditching them and their fans. Now, it seems like Sanrio is slowly relearning to appreciate their original characters that made their company so loved. With Tuxedo Sam missing in action, I have taken a second glance at the character and am amazed that I have found another character so adorable to want to collect their products. Finally, I understand the love for Tuxie. Sorry, fans, but I'm giving this special penguin a nickname. Hmm, that gives me an idea! Keroppi= Oppi? Pochacco= Pokie? Suggestions, anyone? Surely, you don't want me to decide by myself and choose horrible nicknames now do we?

50th Anniversary + LTS *Carousel*

Coin Banks 
I admit that I am just plain prejudiced when it comes to Sanrio's coin banks. I just love collecting these type of small statue-like figurines. Whether it's small or big, I adore them. These coin banks are 5 inches tall, making them a perfect fit to display them in an enclosed glass case cabinet. For collectors: The box that comes with the coin banks are very sturdy material, way better than the LTS/MM chest drawers' boxes.
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

 Just plain ADORABLE!

Tuxie Stationery 
I love the blue version Tuxie, but I think Sanrio hit the jackpot when they chose the a pink version to re-introduce the character to the new generation of Sanrio fans. Take a note, Sanrio, bring back Tuxie permanently... along with Pochacco and Keroppi.

Design Critique: the foil-silver background is very pleasing to the eye, making it another obsession on my products like polka dots.
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥

 Yes, I adore my double copy  ;0)

 Memo Pad with Sticker!!! Sticker design is awesome.

Little Twin Stars *Carousel* 2010
Gallery Update

While I was on my rehab diet, I missed out on a few adorable things from the Carousel series. That'll teach me from listening to my enabler. Don't they just nag too much?
My Sanrio Rating:  ♥♥♥ 3/4

 *Carousel* and *Romantic*

 So pretty!

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