Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back In the Day...

Get It While You Still Can

Japan Sanrio is selling those retro classics that you vintage owners love so much.  Get your copy while supplies last.

For more details, go here

Retro classic watch

Vintage classic Television

^  Lately, it's been nice of Sanrio to reproduce vintage classics for new collectors who have missed out on these great creations. These three pieces are excellent examples of great vintage design that will always be treasured forever. The difference you see in the stores now and the designed products you see above are miles apart. Thank god for e-Bay- right, vintage collectors?

Hello Kitty Safe Book

When I first saw this special made book with a hidden compartment, I knew that I would love to add this to my collection as a decor item for my Kittifying Makeover Project that I am still working on. Though this time, I'll definitely be using it, instead of it being used as a display. So much temptation this month, huh?

You can get yours here

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