Thursday, September 9, 2010

Momoberry vs. Sanrio Luxe

~~ * --Attention to you, Hello Kitty Fans Around the World-- * ~~

Today's topic is the war between Los Angeles' Momoberry and New York's Sanrio Luxe. Wait-- you have no idea what I am talking about? Well, I'm here to inform you about a feud...  a Hello Kitty branded line feud.

*pretending to be in Shock*  Gasp! You say what? There's no feud?

Ok, you've caught me. I am blatantly creating a war between these two extended Hello Kitty brand lines on purpose. Now, don't look at me as if I've gone crazy. I am completely as sane as you are... well, as sane as any addict can be. Never mind that this sanrio addict warned you last year that I'm not all there in the head.  

But as of now, I am going to give you a piece of advice. For you addicts who are not from L.A. or N.Y., pick a side. Yes, that is my #1 advice for you today. I bet you're rolling your eyes at me at this moment. I know it sounds ridiculous, but--  if you haven't caught on yet, I like to stir up trouble for Sanrio. Is there a reason not to?

Well if I haven't lost you yet, let's continue on my troublemaking ways:

FACE-OFF:   Momoberry vs. Sanrio Luxe



Sanrio Luxe
1. How old are you? 5 years old 2 years old in November
2. Do you have a mascot? Yes, my poodle uh...  don't exactly have one
3. Does your name have any special meaning? Yes. *Smugness* - Momoberry is Hello Kitty with a twist, breezy, quirky, stylish, a little louder, surprisingly sophisticated, and of course very pink Not that I know of  *shoulders drooping*
4. Who does Sanrio favor more? Sanrio doesn't love me  *cries* *perks up* I'm Sanrio's pet
5. Why is that? Sanrio had me closed down! I bring the celebs
6. How would you describe yourself? Quirky, like the definition in my name Luxurious, with a capital L
7. What are you most known for? the infamous PLUSHIES!!! Making a wild guess here-- purses?
8. Do you have an iconic accessory? Yes, two! Eyelashes & a heart on my right ear Sanrio told me they're working on it
9. Which out of the two of you is more famous? *Beaming with pride* well, I don't want to brag here... *Is being sad in a corner*
10. Who is the breadwinner? No comment. Same.
11. Where do you see yourselves in 10 yrs. from now? My fans will bring me back to L.A. to stay. There's this crazy stalker of mine who is trying to start a movement of sorts *Looks at Momo with envy & ignoring the question on purpose* I want a stalker!
12. Anything you want to say to the fans? Au revoir
*puts on her big pink Parisian hat and leaves*
Farewell, Ladies & Gents


There you have it, addicts! Full one-on-one interview from our two lovely extended Hello Kitty branded lines. From the answers they gave, whom do you think won this round? You decide, fans! I am definitely biased as you all know. Comment below to tell me who you think is the winner.

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